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What Materials Are Conductive?

Take a look below at a list of both conductive and non-conductive materials to help you better plan how you will maximize your grounding time. It is our hope that after reviewing this list, you will better know what to wear, what to touch and where to stand to help you practice earthing throughout your day.

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How Do You Practice Earthing in the Fall and Winter?

Practicing earthing should be easy even in the Fall and Winter. Although it may be a little more difficult to "touch the earth", with your bare skin, once the weather gets cooler, be creative with your earthing efforts. Take a look at some of our suggestions to get you through the long Fall and Winter seasons to ensure you stay grounded until the warm sunshine exposes the grass and you can walk barefoot once again!

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How Children Can Self Regulate By Earthing

Self regulation in children is something that can be influenced by earthing. As a result of earthing, you'll quickly see positive behavioural changes and heightened self awareness in kids, once they receive input from the earth's energy. Children who have allowed the earth's power to infuse a calmness in them, will notice a decrease in their internal stress level, due to external stimuli and improved self awareness.

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