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How Earthing Mats Can Really Help Give You Life

The Earthing Store we mainly sell Earthing footwear so that you can practice Grounding while out and about, on your feet, during the day. We realize that there are times when it is beneficial to practice Earthing while inside so there are other ways you can practice Earthing while at home.

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3 Reasons To Wear Earthing Shoes While On Vacation

As North Americans we bear the brunt of cold weather and often enjoy taking off on a Southern vacation to somewhere much warmer than here. Some place, where you don't need gasoline antifreeze, winter boots or a snowblower! A place where they don't have freezing rain, snow days or issues with frozen house pipes. Anywhere tropical, with a beach or a pool, where you can kick off your shoes, walk barefoot and relax.

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Earthing While Driving - Is It Possible?

Many have wondered or asked the question, "Can I really practice Earthing while diving?" The uncertainty most have about Earthing and driving is due to the fact that vehicles have rubber tires touching the Earth and rubber being a synthetic material is not conductive. So the question is then, "how can Grounding occur while inside a vehicle?"

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