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Earthing While Driving - Is It Possible?

Many have wondered or asked the question, "Can I really practice Earthing while diving?" The uncertainty most have about Earthing and driving is due to the fact that vehicles have rubber tires touching the Earth and rubber being a synthetic material is not conductive. So the question is then, "how can Grounding occur while inside a vehicle?"

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New Earthing Winter Boots with Sheepskin Lining

Here at The Brown Bear, we are very excited to introduce our newest Earthing footwear addition to The Earthing Store. Custom made entirely for The Earthing Store only, we are thrilled to offer our customers an Earthing boot for fall and winter made out of genuine moose-hide leather with a 100% sheepskin interior lining.

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Earthing & Pregnancy

Practicing Earthing has been known to benefit women throughout their pregnancy. In fact, those who practice Earthing are more likely to get pregnant to begin with. Find out more about the benefits of staying Grounded while pregnant.

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