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How Children Can Self Regulate By Earthing

Self regulation in children is something that can be influenced by earthing. As a result of earthing, you'll quickly see positive behavioural changes and heightened self awareness in kids, once they receive input from the earth's energy. Children who have allowed the earth's power to infuse a calmness in them, will notice a decrease in their internal stress level, due to external stimuli and improved self awareness.

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Reset Your Biological Clock

It is important to find a balance in every area of your life. Here are 5 ways you can enrich your work, family/friend and health .Like the movie 'In Time' you can reset your clock and enjoy more time for work and family. Not just time but healthy time.

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What's With the Copper Dots?

As the Earthing movement gains more and more popularity there has become a greater demand for Earthing products such as footwear. You might ask how using copper dots in shoes will allow the Earth's electrical energy to penetrate into your feet?

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