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Attention, Ladies!

These Winter Moosehide Boots were made for walking... don’t miss your opportunity to get a beautiful pair of your own, and continue to connect with and receive the healing benefits of nature.

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Restoring Balance: The Grounded Sleep

Nature as a healing force is a concept that has been present for millennia, spanning many faiths, cultures, and philosophies. Prior to the days of modern technology and conveniences, as humans, our relationship with nature was constant and necessary to our survival. However, as science and society have advanced, the way we perceive the natural world around us has become skewed, and we are increasingly isolated from the outdoors. Our connection to the planet and to each other is, has quite literally become “remote.”

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Grounding To Go

A portable, lightweight earthing product, the Multi-Use Earthing Pad is a 23.5” x 15.5” conductive mat that can be used virtually anywhere. Plug it into any grounded outlet or grounded surge protector, and place it on your chair, behind your back, under your bed sheet, etc. Grounding can be accomplished while you work, watch television, read a book — anytime you want to re-charge and enjoy the healing effects of earthing.

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Relaxation. Rest. Repose.

Ground your bedding, ground your body.

Give yourself the gift of sleep, free from electrostatics and EMFs. Neutralize your body’s free radicals with the healing influence of the Earth’s energy.

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The Gift of Earthing

Modern science has only just begun to discover the benefits of earthing and grounding ourselves with the earth’s electrons. But ancient Aboriginal tribes have always recognized a profound connection to our planet and the natural world.

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