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It’s All In The Wrist

When life is hectic and you have to power through, wear a grounding wristband and re-charge your body with the Earth’s healing energy. It’s the break you need and deserve, even when there isn’t time take one.

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Vegan Gold

Step into Biotime’s Gold Morgan Vegan Earthing Sandals with conductive copper rivet and find yourself refreshed and energized. Go for the gold!

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Sleep On It

You will love the fresh crisp look of the earthing sheets on your bed, and the soft feel of them underneath the covers. A grounded sleep, free from electrostatics and EMFs, is a deeper and more refreshing sleep.

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The Healing Step

The Carlin Earthing Sandal allows you to strengthen your body with the Earth’s energy, without sacrificing orthopaedic support. Enjoy the healing power of nature, step by step.

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