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Can Earthing Really Help With Jet Lag?

So the question is, can Earthing really help regulate your circadian rhythm and lessen the effects of jet lag? For some people the condition of jet lag can last several days until your system is fully adjusted to the new time zone. However when being in direct contact with the Earth, the effects and adjustment period to your new local time zone can be significantly reduced. Why is this so?

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Earthing Flip Flops - A Must Have For Your Vacation

Pluggz Grounding technology might be the best thing you toss in your suitcase for your tropical vacation this year. Like any flip flop, Pluggz MAUI or KONA slip-ons are lightweight and don't take up much space in your luggage. However, what makes them more than your average, cheap sandal, is the way you will feel at the end of the day after wearing them. You really don't need to pack any other shoes for your trip. Save the space for souvenirs, or toss a few more colourful bathing suits or tropical outfits, in the bag instead.

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3 Reasons To Wear Earthing Shoes While On Vacation

As North Americans we bear the brunt of cold weather and often enjoy taking off on a Southern vacation to somewhere much warmer than here. Some place, where you don't need gasoline antifreeze, winter boots or a snowblower! A place where they don't have freezing rain, snow days or issues with frozen house pipes. Anywhere tropical, with a beach or a pool, where you can kick off your shoes, walk barefoot and relax.

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