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Silver Hand Cloth, Anti Microbial Fabric


protective silver cloth

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As a necessity of people's daily life, Silver Hand Cloth is the most effective, safest, most durable antibacterial item, which plays an important role in health care and prevention of cross infection.  

Since early civilization, silver has been known to have exceptional antimicrobial properties. In fact, it was a commonplace germ-killing antimicrobial until the advent of antibiotics.

Antimicrobial Silver Hand Cloth continues to play a role in odor control as well as controlling the spread of infectious microorganisms, especially during Covd-19.

The ability of Silver to kill or inhibit pathogenic microorganisms has been confirmed by many studies.  Among antimicrobial agents, Silver is effective against various types of viruses, fungi and other types of bacterias.

According to Science Digest report in 1978, "an antibiotic kills about 6 kinds of pathogens, while Silver can kill 650 kinds of microorganisms without drug resistance."

It is currently the most natural, safe, efficient spectrum of antibacterial materials, widely recognized by scientists in the world.  The Silver has a good preventive effect on skin diseases, eczema, psoriasis  and other skin diseases.

The Silver fiber is a high-tech product obtained by permanently bonding a layer of pure silver to the surface of the fiber through special technology, giving it a magical antibacterial effect.  Keep your cloth in your purse, your school bag, Golf bag and in your car to make sure you always have it on hand.

Washing your Silver Hand Cloth with water and a mild soap will not reduce the antibacterial effect and it can still reach more than 99% after 50 washings.  


- 25cm x 25cm (10" x 10") with a ring to attach to your bag

- 12cm x 12cm (5" x 5") no ring


- to wipe your hands (more effective than plain water)

- Protect against Coronavirus

- Wipe your shopping cart

- Wipe your steering wheel

- just wipe anything before touching it

- to protect your children while going to school


- 99% Pure Silver

- 100% Polyamide


- 99%


Hand wash or in the washing machine using a soft detergent.  You can air-dry it or put in a dryer but NO fabric softener, nor bleach.