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Protective Silver Scarf with Antimicrobial Properties


antimicrobial fabrics protective silver fabric

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Protect yourself from harmful germs and flu viruses with this Protective Silver Scarf.  Wrap your neck to protect your thyroid glands and to have on hand to wipe down carts, cel phones , electronics etc. to kill germs (bacteria, viruses) on contact.

Since early civilization, silver has been known to have exceptional antimicrobial properties.  In fact, it was a commonplace germ-killing antimicrobial until the advent of antibiotics. The medicinal properties of silver ions have been known for centuries but then got replaced by antibiotics and vaccines.

Nowadays, the prevalence of drug-resistant super-germs and increased concerns over harmful chemicals are triggering a silver renaissance.

Hand Sanitizers do NOT kill viruses.  Silver fabric does. Scientists have discovered that silver interrupts the bacteria cell’s ability to form the chemical bonds essential to its survival


Small 36cm x 100cm (14" x 40")

Large 36cm x 200cm (14" x 80")


There's no need to wash your scarf unless you see visible dirt.  Handwash with a mild soap and hand to dry.