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Ground Therapy Tummy Band Kit for the purpose of Earthing | The Earthing Store
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Ground Therapy Tummy Band Kit

Ground Therapy Tummy Band Kit


earthing grounding mat therapy tummy band

$ 100.00 USD
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Ground Yourself for Better Health

The Earthing Beauty Tummy Band Kit is perfect for working at a desk or any other activity such as reading or watching TV.

The Tummy Band localizes the Earth’s energy via 100% silver fabric snugly wrapped around the body, which will deliver the Earth’s healing energy, anti-inflammatory properties directly to the source to relieve back pain,
improve digestion, ease symptoms of PMS/ hormone/ reproductive ailments, and more.
The Tummy Band is machine washable and adjustable to fit 28" to 48" waist


  • Ground Therapy Tummy Band
  • 15 ft. Connection Cord
  • Outlet Checker
  • A book entitled "Grounded"
  • A DVD called "The Grounded" by Dr David Suzuki