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The Healing Step

birkenstock style men biotime sandals made in spain
Earthing, or “grounding,” is perhaps the simplest and most rewarding method of wellness available to us.

Humans have long had a physical connection to the natural world, and our feet naturally conduct the Earth’s electromagnetic energy into our bodies.

Pressure points in the ball of our foot correspond to major organs with every step we take. And as the body absorbs the Earth’s energy, it introduces such benefits as: decreased inflammation, reduced pain, improved sleep and vitality, and stress relief.
earthing barefoot pressure points on the soles of your feet
Shoes made with synthetic materials (ie., rubber soles) inhibit the transfer of this energy, disengaging us from the Earth’s healing influence. Direct contact with the ground via walking, sitting, and even sleeping, is the best way to experience earthing; however, going barefoot is not always an option. Earthing footwear and other grounding products can provide the solution to maintaining that natural connection.

Enter, The Earthing Store, which features a modified version of Biotime’s classic orthopaedic sandal, specifically designed for earthing.
biotine earthing sandals with copper rivet
The Men’s Carlin Earthing Sandal has a suede-covered cork footbed, contoured for therapeutic comfort and support, with a lightweight 8mm EVA outsole. The man-made upper is crossed with two straps and adjustable buckles for a personalized fit. What’s extra special about this sandal is the conductive copper rivet embedded in the sole.
copper rivet in shoe earthing close up of cork foot-bed Birkenstock style biotime sandals
The copper allows the Earth’s electrons to flow up from the ground and pass into your bare skin, so you can comfortably experience the benefits of earthing while walking outdoors, anytime. Not only does copper have a high degree of connectivity, it is also corrosion-resistant, adding to the durability of this stylish sandal.
earthing sandals men
This earthing sandal comes in brown or black in men’s sizes 7-1/2 - 10-1/2 (Euro 40-46.)

The Carlin Earthing Sandal allows you to strengthen your body with the Earth’s energy, without sacrificing orthopaedic support. Enjoy the healing power of nature, step by step.
biotime earhting sandals men


The Brown Bear#1

In response to Patricia Gomavitz: We do not have this style of men (the sort of simple Birkenstock look) We do have many styles of women’s biotime sandals but not of them look exactly like the men’s sandal:

Patricia Gomavitz#2

do you have a similar earth sandal for women?

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