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Make the Connection

It’s a difficult, unsettled time right now, but taking solitary walks continues to invigorate and inspire me. Reconnecting with the rhythms of the natural world is more important than ever, and a good pair of well-made, incredibly comfortable earthing shoes only adds to the experience. Reap the benefits of a nature walk in a pair of earthing moccasins, and revitalize your mind and body. You deserve it.

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The Gift of Earthing

Modern science has only just begun to discover the benefits of earthing and grounding ourselves with the earth’s electrons. But ancient Aboriginal tribes have always recognized a profound connection to our planet and the natural world.

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Why Every Hunter Should Wear Moccasins

The Earthing Store sells superior leather moccasin shoes and boots that several hunters swear by for their hunting successes. Don't believe us that wearing Native moccasins are one of the main ways to be successful while hunting? Then take primitive hunter, Ryan Gill from Gill's Primitive Archery's word for it.

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Copper Rivets VS Leather Sole

The joy of walking around barefoot is just around the corner now that spring is on its way. There's no better way to practice Earthing than to have your bare feet in direct contact with the Earth. However walking barefoot is not always an option day in and day out.

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