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What's With the Copper Dots?

Anyone will agree that stress and toxins are bad for our bodies. Unfortunately stress is common in our fast-pace lifestyles and can be caused by many sources including work, school or even family. We are all exposed to toxins in some form or another. Toxins can come from air pollution or even cell phones.

Our immune systems are being overwhelmed. Thankfully there is something you can do to help your body operate the way it was originally designed through Earthing. The concept of earthing and grounding is age-old and is gaining more and more momentum. Earthing naturally refills and recharges your body by being suffused with negative-charged free electrons from the Earth’s surface.

As the Earthing movement gains more and more popularity there has become a greater demand for Earthing products such as footwear. Generally speaking footwear is the enemy to Earthing as the best way to absorb electrical energy from the Earth is by going completely barefoot. This is not always feasible in our culture and society. Taking the Earthing concept and applying it to shoes and sandals is an ingenious idea. After reading countless studies on the benefits of grounding and its recognition by the medical community it only makes sense to place this wellness concept in an everyday item such as your shoes or sandals.

When you combine the concept earthing, coupled with a quality, supportive shoe you get Juil Shoes and Sandals. As many of you may already know, Juil created a unique earthing product by creating an avenue of conductivity between the earth’s surface and our bodies. They have done this by placing copper connectors at points in your sandals that act as a conduit or connection that our bodies need to help stabilize our physiological frequencies.

Why Use Copper?

You might ask how using copper dots in shoes will allow the Earth's electrical energy to penetrate into your feet? For any shoe to be considered an earthing shoe or sandal it must be conductive. Copper is a conductive metal so it allows the electrons from the earth to enter your body. In other words, the electrical energy can travel through the copper without hindering or stopping it. Copper is also malleable, so it is easy to work with in getting the perfect fit for each shoe or sandal.

You might be worried that only a few points of your feet a receiving the energy from the Earth. Thankfully you only need a single point of contact between your feet and the Earth's surface to maintain an earthing connection. With Juil shoes and sandals you have at least 6 points of contact.

If you are still a skeptic about Earthing there is only one way to put your suspicions aside and that is by trying it. Juil shoes and sandals not only provide you with a mean for Earthing, they look attractive, are supportive and comfortable. They are a win win situation. Begin feeling refilled and recharged today!



How will the copper benefit my arch as I have had to wear art support shoes?

The Earthing Store#2

Hell Dee,

Sadly we do not carry our Juil sandals and shoes anymore :(

But the other shoes we have would work as long as your foot is in contact with the materials that are conductive. So with our groundals sandals the entire bottom of the sandals are conductive. With our Pluggz the plug in the shoe is conductive so as long as your foot is in contact with the plug you would get the electron flow.

Alyssa de Leon#3

Is this copper will also absorb the what they call “dirty electricity” ? Because copper is absorbing electricity from earth?

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